‘Retro To Metro Hungama’ – A Tribute to Indian Cinema.

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The concert was a musical tribute to Indian Cinema which rekindled the magical moments of that era recreated by the children of TBS. The theatre and dance portrayed, that cinema can exercise a great influence on the mind of the people. It has a great educative value. Films can go a long way towards arousing national consciousness and nation-building by a skilful adaption of good moral, social and educative themes.

Gracing this occasion was Mr. Shajan Samuel, Asst. Vice President Aptech Ltd. As the Chief Guest, Mr. Ashok Gowda, Chairman, KME Trust, Edify School, Mr. Kirit Mohan Nagar, Manager – Tech Staffing (Uber), Bangalore and Special Guest, Ms. Vaishnavi Chandran Menon, Actress & Model along with other dignitaries and guests.

TBS believes in putting all the kids on the stage. We believe in instilling confidence in kids. The musical theatre builds in theatre, dance and music abilities. Every child is a change maker and every child is ‘UNIQUE’.

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